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How to Play

In Brave Old World, one player is the narrator while the others are adventurers. The narrator facilitates the story while the adventurers, working as a party, explore strange places and have grand adventures.

Gameplay works like a conversation. The narrator says where the party is and what is happening around them. The adventurers say what it is they'd like to do. When an adventurer takes a risk, they roll two six-sided dice and add the results. (If the adventurer is particularly good at the thing they're doing, they may be able to add to that result.)

  • If they roll a 10 or more (10+), they succeed at what they attempted.
  • If they roll a 7 through 9 (7-9), they succeed... but with a cost or consequence.
  • If they roll a 6 or less (6-), they fail, and something is going to happen.

There are a few other rules to deal with things like equipment and food, but almost everything in Brave Old World is based off of the roll.