In this short example of Brave Old World gameplay, Alice is narrating Barry, Chris, and Daria chasing the Onion King through the tunnels outside the city.

Alice: "You're about 300 meters into the tunnel, and this far in, there's no sunlight. Your lantern is barely bright enough to illuminate both sides of the tunnel at the same time, and the rough stone ceiling is just out of sight. The floor is smooth, continuing back straight to the entrance and on ahead of you into the unknown. What do you?"
Barry: "Can I smell anything distinct?"
Alice: "There's the smell of rock dust, but not much else."
Chris: "You said the floor was smooth - can I tell what made it?"
Alice: "Not at a glance, do you want to take the time to investigate it?"
Daria: "We shouldn't - we need to keep after the Onion King."
Chris: "Sure, but rushing now won't do any good if we fall into a trap. I'd like to watch for danger moving forward."
Daria: "Okay, but it's your fault if we lose him."
Chris picks up two six-sided dice and rolls them. Each shows a three.
Chris: "Six plus my two Intelligence is eight, so I succeed in keeping an eye out for a single trap ahead, but... I lose a resource."
Alice: "Chris, looking more closely at the floor, you see that the stone is covered in dust... revealing the prints from a dire badger. Paying closer attention, you hear the distinctive sounds of its claws against stone. It doesn't seem to have noticed your party yet. You can get around it, but what resource are you going to use to do so?"
Chris: "Well the obvious solution would be to toss some meat at it when we get closer, but..."